Deep Scaling and Root Planing

During an examination, Dr. Pirie will measure (probe) the gum line around each tooth to detect areas called "pockets".  Pockets are where plaque and bacteria accumulate and become destructive to the gum and bone tissue.  A healthy pocket should be three millimeters or less.  The treatment will depend upon the depth of the pocket and severity of the periodontal disease.  One of the recommended treatments may be scaling and root planing by quadrant with local anesthetic.          

Deep Scaling and Root Planing by quadrant with Local Anesthetic

1.  Performed by our highly trained dental hygienists
2.  Local anesthetic is given - for patient comfort
3.  Use of DentalVibe  - for painless local anesthetic
4.  Use of micro-headed dental instruments
5.  The number of Appointments - one to four 
6.  Clean the periodontal disease from the root surface under the gum line in a gentle fashion

We use micro-headed dental cleaning instruments to clean the root surfaces to remove plaque, calculus (tartar), and bacteria from underneath the gum tissue for all of our cleanings. Regular dental cleanings at the recommended intervals are critical once the periodontal disease is under control.  If pockets greater than (3-4) three to four millimeters persist additional periodontal therapy  may be recommended.