Periodontal Maintenance

Regular Cleanings in the Periodontal office 

An appropriate interval for your regular cleanings will be recommended post surgery or deep scaling and root planning in order to control the disease in the periodontal pockets. This periodontal maintenance program can be as often as three (3) months when the bacteria in the periodontal pocket often become destructive to the thin plate of bone and can lead to permanently loose teeth or loss of teeth.

Our hygienists are trained to use micro-headed dental cleaning instruments that go underneath the gum tissue to clean out the destructive bacteria that cause advancing bone loss.

An alternating cleaning program - between the general dentist office and the periodontal office - is often recommended on a four to six-month basis. The general dentist is responsible for the health of the teeth and the periodontist, in turn, is responsible for the gum and bone tissue. By alternating - the patient benefits by maintaining both a healthy mouth and control of the periodontal disease.